Monday, May 9, 2011

Battery Tests

It seems like it always happens when you are in a hurry or on a Monday morning. You jump in your car and turn the key...but  nothings happens. Car troubles can cause immediate frustration because your daily life depends on reliable transportation. At 60 Minute Tune we want to help you avoid this disappointment.
Here are some signs your battery may be headed for the graveyard:
  • Slow starting
  • Long cranking
  • Dim lights
  • Failure to start

Your battery should be tested once a year. 60 Minute Tune can perform this test for you at anytime. Batteries last anywhere between 2-5 years. Many times the median age of a battery is 3 years. Batteries range between $95 and $160 depending on the year make and model of your vehicle. Be prepared always have jumper cables in your car, or better yet have your battery tested so you are not left stranded.
You can extend the life of your battery by:
  • Allowing your car to run longer than twenty minutes at a time
  • Avoiding extreme heat
  • Keeping your battery posts clear of corrosion
  • Avoid short trips
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