Monday, October 1, 2012

Bonfires, Tailgate parties and Preparing your Vehicle for the Road Ahead

While most people are gearing up for tailgate parties and bonfires, our team at 60 Minute Tune is also making time to look under the hood, and helping our customers get their cars and trucks prepared for the long winter ahead. Some of the things we are checking out for you:
  • Batteries/Charging system: How old is your battery and did your engine crank slowly last winter or during the dog days of summer? Extremes in temperature - Heat or Cold - battery age, and cranking power are determinants in whether your car will start. And while you’re at it, have the alternator checked too, to help your battery maintain its charge when the temperature dips.
  • Tires: No tread equals no traction. If your tires are worn close to or at the wear bars, it’s time for a new set. It’s a good idea to do an under-car inspection including shocks and struts, and an alignment may be in order if that hasn’t been performed in the last year or so.
  • Thermostat: If the temperature gauge doesn’t get much above the C when driving in cold weather, it may be time for a new thermostat. A properly operating thermostat helps keep the engine at its ideal operating temperature that in turn provides heat for the cabin.
  • Antifreeze: In extreme cold, weak antifreeze can freeze up in parts of your engine, and that can lead to disaster.
  • Belts: Make sure your belts are tightened properly and in good condition. Cracks are a sign that it’s time for replacement.
  • Wiper blades: Cracked, split or worn wiper blades can cause skipping or poor contact with the windshield. Replace them twice a year.
  • Fluids: Make sure the power steering, brake and transmission fluids are at their correct level for proper operation.
To help keep your vehicle on track for regular maintenance, check out the 60 Minute Tune's Maintenance Reminder. Is your car or truck making odd noises or odors? Are there fluid spots in your driveway? Properly describing them can help technicians pinpoint the problem. Visit 60 Minute Tune or make an appointment online to see what the problem might be.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Changing Your Oil On Time

A dirty oil filter can shorten the life of your vehicle.Did you know having your oil and oil filter changed, at least as often as recommended by the manufacturer, is likely to generate the single biggest return on your routine-maintenance investment.

Replacing the dirty oil and filter will help protect the internal parts of the engine from premature wear. It's important to use the recommended grade of oil for your vehicle for the best protection and fuel mileage.

At 60 Minute Tune the lowest grade of oil we carry is synthetic blend because we care about your care we only want the best for your car. See your vehicle owner's manual for the recommended oil change interval, or follow the oil-life monitoring system or give us a call and we can help you out.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit
If you put your own emergency car kit together, make sure none of the items are in glass bottles or vials—put them in plastic containers with tight lids instead.
Use the suggested items below to build your own first-aid kit:
  • Absorbent compress dressings
  • Adhesive bandages (assorted sizes)
  • Adhesive cloth tape
  • Antibiotic ointment packets
  • Antiseptic wipe packets
  • Packets of aspirin
  • Blanket (space blanket)
  • Breathing barrier (with one-way valve)
  • Instant cold compress
  • Pair of non-latex gloves
  • Hydrocortisone ointment packets
  • Scissors
  • Roller bandage
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Oral thermometer (non-mercury/non-glass)
  • Triangular bandages
  • Tweezers
  • First-aid instruction booklet
Vehicle Tool Kit
A good vehicle tool kit includes:
  • Screwdrivers—Phillips and flat head
  • Pliers
  • Set of good socket wrenches
  • Duct tape
  • Electrical wire tape
  • Electrical wire spray
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Small fire extinguisher
  • Jumper cables
Make sure there's a jack and a lug wrench in the vehicle and that the spare tire (if equipped with spare) is inflated to its proper pressure. See owner's manual for recommended tire pressure numbers or ask us at your next service. Be safe out there!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Driving Tips to Keep Your Family Safe This Spring

At 60 Minute Tune we care about your safety. Please share these tips your friends and family.

Buckle Up

The most important tip to keep your family safe while driving is to always use safety belts and proper child restraints. Children are safer when placed in the rear seat in the appropriate infant, child, booster seat, or safety belt—appropriate for size and age. Never place a rear-facing infant restraint in the front seat of a vehicle equipped with an active air bag.

Both Hands on the Wheel
Always drive with both hands on the wheel. The best place for your hands are the nine and three o'clock positions, which helps provide greater control when steering.

Lights on, Please
With your safety in mind, most new vehicles come equipped with daytime running lamps. To help with safe driving, turn on your lights in rainy weather to make sure that your headlamps, tail lamps and other exterior lamps are on. Even if your visibility is good, other drivers will have a better view of your vehicle.

Quick Maneuvering
If you need to veer suddenly to avoid hitting an object in your vehicle's path, before turning, make sure you look in the direction you're headed to make sure the path is clear.

Impaired Driving
Alcohol is a factor in 39% of traffic fatalities in the U.S. These visual signs may help you spot an impaired driver:
  • Stopping problems (too far, too short, or too jerky)
  • Straddling a lane line
  • Swerving or drifting
  • Weaving across lane lines
  • Accelerating or decelerating for no apparent reason
  • Slow response to traffic signals
  • Turning with a wide radius
  • Driving without headlights at night
  • Varying speed
  • Stopping in a lane for no apparent reason
  • Failure to signal or signal inconsistent with action
  • Almost striking a vehicle or other object
  • Slow speed (10+ mph under the limit)
  • Driving in opposing lanes or wrong way on a one-way road
  • Following too closely
Please be safe out there!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We stand behind each and every quality part we sell. If any ACDelco product installed at 60 Minute Tune or a participating Independent Service Center featuring quality ACDelco parts fails within 12 months or 12,000 miles from the time of the original repair, and you are more than 25 miles from 60 Minute Tune or the original repair facility; here's all you need to do to get back on the road:
  • Simply call the toll-free Consumer Assurance Program number at 1-800-ACDelco PROMPT #3.
  • The call center technician will arrange for any necessary towing assistance (free of charge) to the nearest participating Independent Service Center featuring quality ACDelco Parts.
  • Present your original receipt to the repair facility for authorization. If the failure occurs within 25 miles of the original repair facility, please return to that facility for possible ACDelco warranty coverage (parts only).
  • The installing dealer will conduct the warranty repair. After the repair facility authorizes your receipt, the repairs will be made and you'll be on your way. It's that easy.
The ACDelco Consumer Assurance Program is your ticket to worry-free, hassle-free travel. Call today to make an appointment at 60 Minute Tune. Or visit us online to request an appointment.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Whatever happens out on the road, we’re here to help make sure you stay on it

From cross-country road trips to hometown errands, we have you covered with the ACDelco Consumer Assurance Program

The ACDelco Consumer Assurance Program is our way of letting you know that we stand behind each and every quality ACDelco part we sell. If any ACDelco product installed by 60 Minute Tune or a participating ACDelco Professional Service Center fails within 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first) from the time of the original repair, and you are more than 25 miles from the original repair facility, here is all you need to do to get back on the road:*
Simply call the Consumer Assurance Program toll free at 1.800.ACDelco, prompt 3.
  • If necessary, Roadside Assistance is available.
  • Present your original receipt to the repair facility for authorization.
  • After the repair facility authorizes your receipt, the repairs will be made and you will be on your way.
  • If the failure occurs within 25 miles of the original repair facility, please return to the original facility for possible ACDelco warranty coverage. The installing ACDelco Professional Service Center will conduct the warranty repair.
*Installation not included inside 25 miles of original repair facility. See limited warranty for part details and return to original repair facility. Coverage applies to light-duty vehicles only. Any rental charges incurred are not covered by the ACDelco Consumer Assurance Program.

Travel with confidence thanks to ACDelco Roadside Assistance
Roadside Assistance
Roadside Assistance is provided to you courtesy of the ACDelco Professional Service Center that performed the service to your vehicle identified on your invoice. Roadside Assistance begins on the date identified on your original invoice from the participating facility and continues for a period of 12 months. This benefit is available only to you, the original purchaser, as identified on the original invoice and is not transferable. Coverage is strictly limited to the specific vehicle identified on the original invoice. Roadside service is available in the United States and Canada.
If you are in need of Roadside Assistance, you must call 1.800.ACDelco, prompt 3, to be connected with the nationwide service provider. You must pay for the requested service up front. The service provider requires use of a credit card to arrange for dispatch. You will be reimbursed for covered services up to a maximum of $75.00 per occurrence upon submitting the proper documentation.
The eligible services are:
  • Towing
  • Lock-out service
  • Flat-tire assistance
  • Fuel, oil, fluid and water delivery service—you must pay for the costs of the actual fluids delivered
  • Jump start
To file a reimbursement claim, you must submit the following information within 60 days of the date of service:
  1. A photocopy of the original invoice identifying the participating repair center and the services performed. The invoice must identify the year, make and model of your vehicle.
  2. Your complete name, address and telephone number.
  3. A photocopy of the paid invoice for Roadside Assistance from a valid auto service provider. This paid invoice must detail the name, address and telephone number of the service provider. It must also identify the specific vehicle receiving the service.
Submit the above documentation to:
ACDelco Roadside Assistance P.O. Box 33535
Denver, CO 80233
Visit to schedule your next appointment. offers you in-depth parts information, including:
  • Importance of maintenance
  • Interactive automotive systems guide
  • Troubleshooting performance problems
  • Tips for the road
For more information on the ACDelco Consumer Assurance Program or Roadside Assistance, please call 60 Minute Tune at 818.360.2277 or 1.800.ACDelco, prompt 3 or visit

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Conventional vs. Synthetic Oil

Everyone knows, or seems to know, that synthetic oils are better than conventional oils, but do you know why?

The fact is synthetic oils have several material advantages over their non-synthetic counterparts. Synthetic oils are structured with very specific properties, which leads to stronger oxidative protection against breakdown and lower evaporation rates under high temperature conditions. Synthetics also excel at low temperature operation and provide superior film strength.

What do all of these features mean to the vehicle owner? Longer service life, excellent component protection, better fuel economy, enhanced performance and power, eased cold starting and quicker circulation during the initial warm-up period.

Unfortunately, due to high cost, full synthetic oils are still not the norm for most automakers. But, even synthetic blends, which can range on average at 20-50 percent synthetic base oil use, can offer substantial performance increases over non-synthetic versions.

Ready to make the switch?

Don't pop the hood yet. If your engine has been running on conventional oil for a while, don't switch to synthetic oil without proper preparation.

If you plan to switch over to full synthetic oil, prepare your engine with a BG Performance Oil Change Service, used with one of BG's full synthetic oils, BG MOA,® BG CF5® and BG 109 Compression Performance Restoration. Used together, these products will remove tough carbon deposits from the piston ring area as well as the rest of the oil system. Then, the BG Performance Oil Changer uses shop air to purge the entire oil system of dirty, contaminated oil and deposits before replacing it with new oil.

So when it comes to conventional vs. synthetic oil, why should you switch? Because, price means nothing if performance doesn't follow. Synthetics offer benefits that are worth the higher price. How much do you value your engine?

Courtesy of BG