Monday, October 1, 2012

Bonfires, Tailgate parties and Preparing your Vehicle for the Road Ahead

While most people are gearing up for tailgate parties and bonfires, our team at 60 Minute Tune is also making time to look under the hood, and helping our customers get their cars and trucks prepared for the long winter ahead. Some of the things we are checking out for you:
  • Batteries/Charging system: How old is your battery and did your engine crank slowly last winter or during the dog days of summer? Extremes in temperature - Heat or Cold - battery age, and cranking power are determinants in whether your car will start. And while you’re at it, have the alternator checked too, to help your battery maintain its charge when the temperature dips.
  • Tires: No tread equals no traction. If your tires are worn close to or at the wear bars, it’s time for a new set. It’s a good idea to do an under-car inspection including shocks and struts, and an alignment may be in order if that hasn’t been performed in the last year or so.
  • Thermostat: If the temperature gauge doesn’t get much above the C when driving in cold weather, it may be time for a new thermostat. A properly operating thermostat helps keep the engine at its ideal operating temperature that in turn provides heat for the cabin.
  • Antifreeze: In extreme cold, weak antifreeze can freeze up in parts of your engine, and that can lead to disaster.
  • Belts: Make sure your belts are tightened properly and in good condition. Cracks are a sign that it’s time for replacement.
  • Wiper blades: Cracked, split or worn wiper blades can cause skipping or poor contact with the windshield. Replace them twice a year.
  • Fluids: Make sure the power steering, brake and transmission fluids are at their correct level for proper operation.
To help keep your vehicle on track for regular maintenance, check out the 60 Minute Tune's Maintenance Reminder. Is your car or truck making odd noises or odors? Are there fluid spots in your driveway? Properly describing them can help technicians pinpoint the problem. Visit 60 Minute Tune or make an appointment online to see what the problem might be.