Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't be left on the side of the road with a dead battery

Standing around?
Over time, extreme temperatures can wear on the life of your battery.  Over time corrosion accumulates on your battery posts and terminals, after awhile this build-up begins to drain power from the battery which can leave you stranded. 

With 60 Minute Tune's BG battery service, our tech's will clean your battery and detect a leak if there is one present. Leaks, evaporation and overcharging are all contributors to send your battery to an early grave.

With 60 Minute Tune's BG service, our techs install anti corrosion terminal protectors once the battery has been tested and cleaned. Lastly the battery posts, terminals and case are sealed to continue to maintain and extend the life of your battery.  We recommend replacing your battery every three to five years for trouble free starting!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Fuel Misconceptions

There are three main misconceptions regarding improved fuel economy:
  • Fuel additives purchased from a retail automotive store are just as effective as a fuel additive like BG’s 44K only available at professional automotive shops. (44k was tested against a variety of other products and was the only one proven to work effectively.)
  • Buying more expensive fuel regardless of grade will reduce nasty build up in your vehicle. (The grade of fuel can make a marginal difference, but the dollar amount has no effect on your fuel effectiveness)
  • Cutting out preventative maintenance will help balance the additional pennies spent on fuel because preventative maintenance is only suggestive. (This is the worst misconception, without proper preventative maintenance, your fuel economy may decline, and your vehicle will need additional repairs.
After much debate as to whether the BG Fuel Induction Service including the 44k additive was cost effective. We put a pen and paper to it so we could measure dollars and sense! Below are the results:

The average driver drives 120,000 miles during the life of their vehicle, this driver will save an average of $500 to $800 in fuel expense over the life of their vehicle just by using BG. Call 60 Minute Tune for details.